Amaryllis tuber with buds Artificial 30cm Burgundy

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Noble amaryllis with a burgundy-red bulb are suitable for tasteful decorations - not only in the Christmas season!

While the real version of the amaryllis bulb is often covered with wax for floristic purposes, the artificial bulb from VIANA has a velvety flocking in a similar look.

The artificial amaryllis tuber is made very close to nature. Two clumpy inflorescences of different lengths protrude from the tuber, with the buds each surrounded by two delicate, semi-transparent bracts. The bud shoots are kept in a rich bright green shade and are surrounded by light brown remaining leaves at the lower end.

Place a medium-sized wooden tray with large areas of moss. Place burgundy-colored amaryllis tubers of different flowering stages on the free middle surface and fill the spaces with delicate Christmas tree balls in violet tones. - An exciting table decoration for Advent is ready! Tip: If you place a few real bulbs between the artificial bulbs, you will have a changing flower display in your Christmas decoration over the entire pre-Christmas period!

The artificial amaryllis tuber with bud shoots in Burgundy has a total height of around 30 centimeters and a diameter of around 9.5 centimeters. The tuber height is also about 9.5 centimeters.

Overall height: approx. 30 cm
Bulb height : approx.9.5cm
Bulb diameter : approx. Ø9.5cm
Color: burgundy, green, brown white
Material: plastic, paper
Quantity: 1 pc

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manufacturers: Viana ®
Prod. nr.: 68522
Weight: 0,42 kg
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Amaryllis tuber with buds Artificial 30cm Burgundy
Amaryllis tuber with buds Artificial 30cm Burgundy
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