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Floral Foam ball

Floral Foam ball Whether for a table or shop window decoration, for a christening, a wedding jewelry or a dignified mourning decoration: Floristik24, your online shop for creative craft and decorative material, provides you with balls for all occasions from high-quality, compostable wet and dry foam in all possible sizes and colors! The wet foam products are easy to water so you can enjoy your fresh flower creations for a long time. In addition, of course, with silk or dried flowers great arrangements and arrangements for the whole year are possible.

Create beautiful flower balls with the stick mass and place them in round bowls or large vases! This idea can be implemented particularly well at a trade fair or in a restaurant. For wedding parties such a romantic decorative element is perfect: in combination with beads and organza borders you can use great, decorated with rose petals balls as table decorations, in the church attached to the benches or hang in coarse mesh on the ceiling in the...

Floral Foam black

Floral Foam black Decorating friends and DIY enthusiasts: All-in-one foam is the latest innovation from OASIS®. Floristik24, your online shop for trendy decorative items and innovative craft supplies, provides them with a comprehensive range of products from the new All Black range. Whether you want to give your arrangements a special elegance or create individual spring creations with a touch of extravagance - sticking mass in black is an extraordinary world first that opens up countless design options. All products are in a uniform, deep black - from the plug-in compound to the shells or reservoirs made of plastic.

When using conventional floral foam, amateur hobbyists often face the challenge of thinking about green areas. With sticky mass in restrained black, this is now a thing of the past. The deep black absorbs incoming light and goes almost unnoticed into the natural shades of your flowers. Small gaps become almost invisible and your creations get a visual depth, which ensures a...

Floral foam heart

Floral foam heart Whether for a wedding reception or as a sweet surprise for Valentine's Day: At Floristik24, the online shop for creative crafting ideas, you get beautiful hearts made of floral foam in the proven premium quality of OASIS®! The foam hearts provide the basis for beautiful floral arrangements, which you can make according to your wishes. Here you will find decorative hearts in different shapes and sizes as well as for different purposes. So some hearts can be set up, some hung up and others laid down. You will also receive jewelery hearts, which you can use with suction cups as a wedding decoration for the car hood.

Decorating and working with wet foam is very easy: you let the foam soak in a mixture of water and fresh flowers and then put the selected flowers and the cut green into it. Finally decorate the whole thing with fine ribbon, crepe paper and decorative wire - your DIY wedding decoration is ready!

How about a double heart made of floral foam? You can decorate...

Floral Foam Ring & Wreath

Floral Foam Ring & Wreath If you want to make a table wreath or a round dry arrangement yourself, then you will find on Floristik24, your online shop for creative design ideas, high-quality rings and wreaths from floral foam by OASIS®! Here you can get the arrangement documents in different sizes, variants and colors for all occasions. For example, you can make a pretty wedding arrangement for the wedding car with the car doubles ring, which can be stably mounted on the hood with special suction cups. But also a creative wall decoration is made in a jiffy yourself if you use the practical half-ring made of plug-in compound.

In addition, you can make fresh floral arrangements with cut green, seasonal fresh flowers and flowering branches as well as make original drying arrangements of artificial flowers and dried flowers. For the fresh version, immerse the floral foam in fresh water and you will receive a long-lasting flower decoration that will glow as pretty and full after several days as in the...
Floral foam or moss is the basis for floral arrangements, which have many uses as decorations, wedding jewelry, mourning jewelry and as a gift. Our wide range of Steckmoos includes floral foam in various forms as wet floral foam for fresh flowers and dry floral foam for dried flowers.

Preformed floral foam for decorations, table decorations, wall decorations and mourning jewelery

Especially for the wedding floristry, we offer bridal bouquet holders with straight and ergonomically shaped handles that fit perfectly in the hand and keep the flowers fresh for a long time due to the wet floral foam. Heart-shaped floral foam for table decorations and as a stand-up give a wedding decoration a touch of romance. Plug moss for the classic car jewelery is the Autocorso or the car double ring the first choice. With the matching vacuum sucker in the assortment flower arrangements can be securely fastened on wedding cars and on all other smooth surfaces, for example as a wall decoration. Round and square foam foam is available in different sizes for small to very elaborate table decorations. Wet foam can be ordered with or without cast pad.

In addition to the floral foam rings and wreaths, the heart-shaped floral foam templates are also suitable for the funeral floristry. Individual grave decorations can be designed with floral foam for floral arrangements in a cross shape and picture frames with an outer floral border. For urn arrangements and urn jewelery we offer half rings, which can be placed or hung on urn walls. Elegant potpourri works best with dry floral foam.

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