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Floral foam or moss is the basis for floral arrangements, which have many uses as decorations, wedding décor, funeral arrangements and as a gift. Our wide range of  foam products includes floral foam in various forms as wet floral foam for fresh flowers and dry floral foam for dried flowers.

Preformed floral foam for decorations, table decorations, wall decorations and mourning arrangements

Especially for the wedding floristry, we offer bridal bouquet holders with straight and ergonomically shaped handles that fit perfectly in the hand and keep the flowers fresh for a long time due to the wet floral foam. Heart-shaped floral foam for table decorations and as a stand-up give a wedding decoration a touch of romance. Foam arrangaments for the classic car ornament can easily be created using the car double ring. With the matching suction cup, your flower arrangements can be securely fastened on wedding cars and on all other smooth surfaces, for example as a wall decoration. Round and square foam is available in different sizes for small to very elaborate table decorations.

In addition to the floral foam rings and wreaths, the heart-shaped floral foam templates are also suitable for the funeral floristry. Individual grave decorations can be designed with floral foam for floral arrangements in a cross shape and picture frames with an outer floral border. For urn arrangements and grave décor we offer half rings, which can be placed or hung on the side of the urn. Elegant potpourri works best with dry floral foam.

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