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Decorative wire and bind wire for floristry and home decoration

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Wire products such as bind wire, pegs and iron pins are part of the basic equipment of florists, but hobbyists will also find a large selection of versatile and decorative wire products in our well-stocked online shop.

The wide product range offers all the materials needed in professional floristry. Be it winding wire or pintle for tying wreaths or special gerbera wire for fixing a single gerbera flower, there is just the right tool for every application. For the production of flower arrangements and table decorations wire rings, mossing pegs for wreaths, bead needles or plain wire are useful utensils for the attachment of the individual decorative elements.

Decorative wire products for creative design in floristry

In addition to wire products that serve the attachment and are not visible in the finished product, there are a variety of wires that are used for decorative purposes. Lametted wire or angel hair, bouillon wire or bouillon effect wire can be deformed as desired and draped around moss patties, flowers or other decorative items.
The repertoire of aluminum wire in various colors and diameters, as a round wire or flat wire covers all requirements in the everyday need for professional florists. Wire made of copper, gold, silver or colored - the variety of designs for the crafters and florists is almost unlimited. From ivy needles to hexagonal braids to the finest fairy hair, our high-quality decorative wire products perfect any flower and plant jewelery.

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