Candles and tea lights in different sizes and colours

Candles have always symbolized hope and warmth. They create a sublime mood and conjure up a special atmosphere. As soon as the wick is lit, candlelight illuminates the room with its unique glow. In our online shop we offer candles and tea lights in various shapes, colours and sizes. Read more

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Candles – taper candles, ball candles, pillar candles

Our product range contains different varietes for almost all occasions. You will find dinner candles and taper candles, ball candles and pillar candles. Tapers are always an elegant decoration for tables and sideboards. Whether for Christmas or on an altar - taper candles are simply part of all festivities. Ball candles and round candles, on the other hand, fit in with an extravagant, but also with a romantic ambience. Pillar candles are traditional Advent candles to create a wreath and look great in floral arrangements or in a glass as a table décor.

Among our taper and pillar candles you will find particularly high-quality items. For example, PURE candles are made from more stable and eco-friendly soy or rape wax and stearin instead of conventional paraffin, so they are mineral oil free. You will also discover many Safe Candles. In these candles, the wick extinguishes itself when the candle burns down in order to reduce the risk of fire in a significant way. Our rustic candles also offer a special marbled appearance. Many coloured candles available in our online shop are made of entirely dyed wax instead of being merely colour-coated on the outside. In other words, they retain their colour as long as they burn.

Tea lights

Besides slim, tall and round candles, tea lights are particularly popular. Traditionally, they were the tried and tested accessory to keep tea warm in a pot placed on a stove. They are still called tea lights, even if they have found their place in atmospheric and safe candle décors. Tea lights are often found in candle jars as lanterns for the balcony or garden. Placed in pattern or next to each other in a row, tealights can be staged in an atmospheric way.

Discover our candle holders

Not only candles are part of a chic candle decoration, but of course you need the right candle holder, too. In our online shop, you will find many different types and models of candle holders such as lanterns in our summer category and candle holders in our Christmas articles. In the same way, tea lights look much more decorative in a tea light holder of glass or metal.

Scented candles

If you enjoy the glow of candles and also want a pleasant smell, take a look at our range of scented candles. You will discover candles with summer fresh perfumes or Christmas scents such as vanilla and cinnamon as well as special fragrances.

LED candles – also available with real wax

LED candles are being used more and more frequently, especially for candle holders in loops or for other candle decorations which use natural decoration or dried flowers. These artificial candles often imitate the flickering of candlelight in a deceptively realistic way. Many of them are also dimmable or equipped with a timer or have other functions promising more safety or comfort. For a deceptively realistic imitation, some LED candles are coated with wax.

Grave candles

Candlelight as a glimmer of hope is also part of mourning in many cultures. It should accompany our deceased loved ones their way to another world or serve as a symbol of quiet remembrance. In funeral floristry, grave candles have a major role. That's why you will also find grave lights made entirely of real wax or with LEDs.

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