Autumn decoration 2020

Hardly any other, seasonally themed room decoration, can accompany a change of seasons as skilfully as an autumnal decoration.

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Decoration with pumpkins and kites

Decoration with pumpkins and kites In autumn, the pumpkins ripen in our gardens and we celebrate Halloween. What could better characterize autumn than pumpkin? At the same time, autumn is the time of year when the blowing wind not only sweeps the leaves off the trees, but also lets the children's kites rise. Our exciting decoration ideas around pumpkins and dragons leave nothing to be desired. Whether you're celebrating a Halloween party, inviting autumnal brunch with pumpkin and chestnut soup, looking for a smart idea for a souvenir, tinkering or...

Decorative items for the fall

Decorative items for the fall In autumn we harvest apples, pears and nuts. Bright yellow sunflowers provide colored accents and we celebrate the creepy Halloween with spiders and bats. In keeping with these autumn themes, we have coordinated our decoration ideas. In this category you will find everything you need for a beautiful table decoration, scary Halloween parties or creative autumn wreaths.

Our wooden decoration goes well with friends of the purist and natural living style. Pears and apples beautify shop windows, decorative plates...

Foliage, leaves & mushrooms

Foliage, leaves & mushrooms Leaves in the most beautiful colors are typical of autumn. We all like to admire these colorful leaves, which nature gives us in autumn. Unfortunately, the works of art are fleeting. That is why you can find a large selection of autumnal leaves in various colors, shapes and materials in our online shop. Mushrooms sprout from the ground in the autumn forest and invite you to collect them. Our pretty decorative mushrooms last much longer than just one season. Plant pegs, decorative mushrooms to set up, magical scatter...

Owl & hedgehog figurines

Owl & hedgehog figurines Owls and hedgehogs are the classic animals of autumn. Décor fans and animal lovers will find the right decoration for the home in this category. Let yourself be inspired by our creative decoration ideas. Cheeky owls and cute prickly animals also make your home a unique place of wellbeing, where every guest and of course yourself enjoy a hot cup of tea after the autumn walk. Open your door to clever and smart owls, cute hedgehogs and other forest animals like cute squirrels. We offer various motifs and materials. You...
Your fall table decoration can look particularly good this year and fully satisfy your demands, because your retailer at has everything you need for table decoration also need. Fall decoration is an annual classic when people are slowly moving their activities into the home. With the weather, the themes change with a successful table decoration in the fall and as a transitional season, the autumn is blessed with special events.

Whether you want to decorate for a Thanksgiving, or the decoration of Halloween:
This year should be particularly successful, we at happy to help with great decorating ideas. Many families also use a day or afternoon with unfavorable weather to make the table itself, after all, it can be quite a long time pleased. Give your home the personal touch it deserves. The nice to look at, autumnal table decoration may also flow into other areas of your home and some decorative accessories, for example, on the windows, can set even more accents.

Hardly any other seasonally themed decoration can accompany a change of seasons as skilfully as an autumnal decoration. You can do many things yourself without much prior knowledge of our handpicked raw materials. Let family members or children participate in the crafting afternoon. The best "table decoration autumn" presents your personal creations and is also fun. We are happy to equip you with the right accessories and raw materials.
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