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Hanging pots and baskets for planting an eye-catcher!

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Plastic planters

Plastic planters Discover the colorful world of plant decoration with the high quality plastic jars from Floristik24, the cheap online store for creative flower lovers! Here you will find a wide selection of flower pots, planters and planters with modern, classic and original shapes. You can also choose between different sizes, depending on the plant species, and colors that suit all occasions and all seasons. Let yourself be inspired by monochrome jars, colorful herb pots and elegantly curved plastic boats for an elegant floral...

Pots ceramic

Pots ceramic Pottery planters are timeless classics for home decorating. Designs, shapes and color variants are versatile. A flowerpot should look as chic as possible to decorate the interiors with elegance. We therefore offer Floristik24, your online store for florists and home accessories, a wide selection of ceramic pots at low prices and transported in good conditions.

You will find in our assortment planters, bowls and pitchers that will decorate a window sill, a...

Suspended pot

Suspended pot A hanging hanging pot provides you with a fantastic opportunity to create a sensational display of a green plant or a wonderfully blooming flower. So that the original planter perfectly matches your interior design or your design concept, we offer you on Floristik24 an extensive range of hanging poles in various designs. So you will find just the right product for your purposes - whether simple and classic or splendidly decorated and sensational.

Common to all hanging baskets is that thanks to a sturdy hanging...

Tray & Planter

Tray & Planter You will find fantastic products, ideal for the implementation of individual decoration ideas, in our category "tray and planter". We mainly offer high quality wood products in this category, but you will also find trays and planters in sturdy plastic. At Floristik24, the number 1 online shop for florist and decorative supplies, you will find trays and planters with varied shapes, colors and sizes for all tastes and uses.

With wooden trays, you have the...

Vases, pots and bowls made of glass

Vases, pots and bowls made of glass Vases, jars and decorative glass bowls are available in the online store in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Our glass vases are available in bright colors, individually or as a multi-part assortment. Glass containers are suitable not only as a planter or vase for plants and bouquets, but also as decorative lanterns or as a table decoration filled with decorative materials or granules.

Some models are available in three different sizes, they can...
An eclectic selection of bowls, pots, vases and many other vessels for planting or filling with decorative items can be found here.

Whether terracotta look, clay or acrylic - the various models of bowls, planters and vases are an eye-catcher in the house and garden. Also for everyday use for hobby gardeners and florists, we offer the appropriate vessels.

Planters, window boxes, hanging baskets, planters and utility containers for florists and hobby gardeners

Plant pots made of plastic, clay and transparent plant pots for orchids are especially recommended for the sale of plants and flowers in floristic shops. Similarly, the vases are suitable for the promotional presentation of cut flowers.

For balconies and terraces, balcony boxes, traffic light pots and hanging baskets for planting are an eye-catcher. Planters are also available in various forms, such as plant cross, plant heart or plant ring. These preformed vessels can be further processed with floral foam or soil, dried or fresh flowers for grave design. Grave vases, which can be placed or put into the ground, also offer funeral floristry.

Even everyday utensils such as watering cans bring color to the garden, the balcony and the terrace. In addition to conventional models for garden irrigation, you will find here modern design watering cans in bright colors for indoor use. Colored pots and saucers in various sizes complete our range.
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