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Decorative ribbons and fringes give floral arrangements, wreaths and bouquets that certain something and are indispensable to florists. Whether for decorations and flower arrangements on anniversaries, company parties, weddings or funerals - so numerous and different the occasions, so versatile are the colors, patterns and materials of ribbons and fringes in our floristry online store. Here you will find a wide range of ribbon, gift ribbons and deco ribbons especially for florists.

Decorative ribbon and gift ribbon made of silk, felt, wool, tulle and many other materials From mesh ribbons to silk ribbons, wool ribbons and tulle ribbons to crimped ribbons - numerous materials that can be combined in any combination guarantee endless decoration options that meet every individual customer request.

Decorations made of pot bands, felt tape and wick thread in cheerful colors are particularly suitable for summer floral arrangements or presents. With one- or multi-colored, patterned or printed gift ribbons and decorative ribbons, you can conjure little works of art out of presents that are almost too good to unpack. Grinding pressure for bow ties, garland ribbons and sashes Especially for funerals and funeral ornaments we offer noble garland ribbons, mourning ribbons and funeral ribbons in black or colored. On request, the wreath ribbon can be printed in different fonts and colors and finished with fringes. Also nationality bands in the colors black-red-gold and sashes in different color combinations you can order here. Of course we will print your bows, wreath ribbons, sashes and ribbons with personal texts. Use the handy loop configurator to individually design your mourning ribbon, sash or ribbon with text, picture or photo. A selection of funeral sayings, wreaths, condolence letters and funeral quotes can be found here.

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