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Design, craft and decorate like the professionals with the large range of floristry tools and accessories from Floristik24, the cheap online shop for your decoration ideas! Here you will find professional tools such as garden shears, slivers, florist's knives and hot glue guns as well as supplies such as gardening gloves, herb scissors and watering cans. Also discover the gold and silver items that you can use to round off your creations - this is complemented by an effective special spray! You can then sprinkle your arrangements with a beautiful lacquer shine and with an exciting color like gold or even help to restore moss in a plant decoration to the new shine.

And that is not all! Use Anniversary numbers to decorate your birthday party, silver wedding and also a gift package or birthday cake. From a straw wreath make a nice birthday wreath and wrap it around with a special tape. In combination with spray glue, you can then attach graceful and noble natural decorations to your wreath, creating a personalized decoration for every occasion.

In our online shop, you will always find the right gift bag in red, orange, nature or even different, cute Christmas themes. Wine bottles, books and glasses with home-made jam will also fit in there. And if you would rather give away a wonderfully fragrant herb pot or a potted flower, then grab a chic, colorful planter and a pot cuff, with which you can decorate your flower gift even further.

There are a variety of high-quality products waiting for you, which you can order conveniently and cheaply online. Our professional shipping system guarantees a timely delivery and if you still have questions and suggestions, just contact our friendly and competent and customer service!

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