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Snail as plug 7cm L28cm 15pcs

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Sweeten your tub plants with a colorful summer decoration! This snail plug can be put into the soil of a potted plant and decorates not only flowers like an anemone or a dahlia, but also houseplants like a ficus or an echeveria.

And if you want to tie a bunch of flowers for a birthday girl, then the wooden snail fits in there very well and always makes for a laugh with the cheeky smile! But even in a glass vase for the dining table spreads the deco snail a good mood and can be perfectly used with a small table arrangement for a fabulous summer decoration.

The snail plug is in a sorted set of 15 pieces, with the color of the snail shells differ in each case 5 pieces. So the summer decoration mix contains 5 wood snails, which have a red and pink striped house, 5 deco snails with an orange striped house and 5 reptiles with a yellow striped snail shell. With the wooden stick, the deco snails have a total length of about 28 centimeters, while they are about 8 centimeters long themselves.

All snails have two probes, which are attached to metal springs and swing back and forth happily. In addition, each animal sits on a bundle of green-colored sisal, which looks like a small meadow.

Total length: approx. 28cm
Length of the figures: about 8cm
Color: Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Black, White, Gray
Material: wood, metal, sisal
Quantity: 15 pieces, 5 per variant
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