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Plant plug with chalk 16.5cm 4pcs

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With these exclusive plant pegs, the guesswork in the garden of Nun is over! The garden plugs are coated with a blackboard color, so that they can be individually labeled with chalk and can be used again and again for new plants thanks to the washable surface. Ideal for garden lovers and hobby botanists.

Ask yourself over and over again, what you've planted there in the beds and pots? Now you can simply label this board connector with the respective name and put it in the ground next to your charges. Gone up with sowing and flower bulbs! For example, you can give your herbal garden a very personal touch with the noble plant labels. Potted plants, window boxes and flower tubs are also pleased with such a decorative finesse. Whether in the garden decoration, in the balcony design or in the small herb garden in the kitchen, the plant plugs are the ideal accessory!

The planting plug will be delivered to you in a set of four pretty, held together with jute ribbon and jute loop. In addition, you will get a chalk pen handy, so that the gardening can start directly. Each decorative plug has a height of about 16.5 centimeters, with a width of about 2.5 centimeters. At the lower end of the herb plug is pointed, so it can easily be plugged into soil.

Width: about 2.5cm
Length: approx. 16.5cm
Color: Black
Material: wood, jute, chalk
Quantity: 4 pieces
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