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LED solar fairy lights, outdoor lighting strand

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Product descriptionProduct description

Do you like the charm of industrial lighting. Then these pretty LED lights on the string of lights are definitely the right thing for your outdoor decoration!

Decorate your balcony or terrace with the solar light chain and bring retro charm and cozy camping atmosphere into your home! There are a total of six lamps on the string of lights. Each lamp has a silver-colored protective canopy and a decorative protective grille. The LED lamps are connected to each other by wire and each has a large hook on the top for attachment to the balcony ceiling using S-hooks or straps.

The LED light chain works with a solar unit which has solar cells and an AA rechargeable battery. The battery solar cell box is equipped with a ground spike, with which it can practically be inserted into loose ground or tied to a post or something similar with some wire. The solar cells should be attached in such a way that the sun can shine directly on them, for example placed in a balcony flower box. The battery integrated in the housing can then be charged with energy in sunlight and as soon as it gets dark the LED lamps light up. If you would like to have the lights on before dusk, simply cover the solar cells temporarily.

The light chain has an on and off switch and can shine for up to 6 hours when fully charged.

You can use the practical LED light chain anywhere outside where there is no power supply in the garden in the park when barbecuing or camping. Of course, you can also hang the solar lights indoors, but then you should make sure that the solar panel is attached to the window with a lot of sunlight, but better outside. Carefully lay the cable outwards so that it is not squeezed.

The solar light chain in warm white with 6 LED lights is delivered in a cardboard box. The LED string has a total length of approx. 5 meters including the supply line. The chain of lights, which is equipped with lamps, is around 250 centimeters long, the lamps are about 50 centimeters apart. The 6 LED lamps with suspension have an approximate height of 14 centimeters and a diameter of about 13 centimeters.

about 250cm
Type: Decorative lighting for inside and outside
Solar panel: 2V / 60mAh
Number of LEDs: 6 × 0.06W / 3V - 0.36W
LED color: warm white
Diameter lamps: approx. 13 cm
Total height of the lamps with suspension: approx. 14 cm
Material: metal, plastic, electronics
Color lamps: silver, black
Batteries (included): 1 × AA Ni-MH 600mAh
Quantity: 1 piece
Prod. nr.: 894538
Weight: 1,21 kg
Delivery till: 30. July **
LED solar fairy lights, outdoor lighting strand
LED solar fairy lights, outdoor lighting strand
LED solar fairy lights, outdoor lighting strand
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