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Garden plug frog king with metal spring green, yellow, golden H68.5cm

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In summer you can hear them croaking happily at ponds and lakes - but how about a little frog prince for your own balcony or terrace? - The funny green fellow does not croak or hop, but he wears a royal crown and his arms, legs and head bob merrily, because they are attached to the frog's body with small metal springs.

The frog with its typical googly eyes is green with a yellow belly and also yellow speckles on the back, head and legs. Put the funny frog plug in your herb pots in the kitchen or in window boxes. The frog prince on the stick is also very suitable as an original decorative element in a bouquet or planted pot as a birthday present, especially for children!

Use the decorative plug with a frog to decorate cheerful spring or summer decorations. The friendly frog with a gold crown and bow on his chest brings a positive atmosphere into your home and will make his viewers smile!

You can also integrate the plug well into arrangements or even use it attached to a kebab skewer as a cake decoration. Imagine a large pond cake with water lily leaves, gummy frogs and in the middle the waving frog prince. The birthday child and the other guests are sure to be amazed!

The flower stud with a frog figure with a crown and feathers comes to you together with a loose metal rod in dark green, about 60 centimeters long. The flower plug has a total length of about 68.5 centimeters with a stick to plug in. The frog has a height of about 10 centimeters and a width of about 8 centimeters.

Total length:
approx. 68.5 cm
Rod length: approx. 60cm
Length of the figure: approx. 10 cm
Width of the figure: approx. 8 cm
Color: Green, Yellow, Golden, Red, White, Black
Material: plastic, metal
Quantity: 1 piece
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