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Garden decorations, ant metal studs, stainless steel plant studs, ant with spade

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These little guys are remarkable fellows! As a plant plug in stainless steel, this hard-working ant with a spade makes a wonderful garden decoration in your bed or as a decorative plug in a planted flower pot.

The ant decoration is made entirely of metal with a plug. With its typical body segments, four thin legs and a wide open mouth, the metal ant is shown upright, standing on a metal sheet. Two small spherical eyes sit on the head of the decorative ant and two long, artfully curved antennae protrude upwards. The metal ant is holding a spade in her hands, ready to be used in the garden.

The pretty metal decoration is equipped with a long sturdy metal plug. So you can use the ant as a decorative plug for your bed decorations or for flower arrangements to give away. But you can also use the ant as a decorative floor plug for your lawn or as a flower plug for plants in the interior as a variety of flower decorations.

The high-quality plant plug from the quality brand VIANA is completely covered with stainless steel, which gives the metal plug ant a natural, typical red-brown color. - You can also combine the garden plug with the ant to plug in with a watering can or the metal ants in rust as a decorative figure with a rake or butterfly net from our shop.

The flower studs with ants have a total length of about 111 centimeters. The ant figure has a height of about 31 centimeters and a width of about 11 centimeters.

Total length with rod: approx. 111cm
Dimensions of the ant: approx. 31 × 11 cm
Color: rust, red-brown
Material: metal
Quantity: 1 piece
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